Pardubice city

Pardubice is the capital city of the Pardubice Region and lies on the river Elbe, 96 kilometres east of Prague. Pardubice has an antique centre square and old town, with many restaurants that stay open until late in the evening. There is an old Tower and a recently renovated Castle. Factories include the Synthesia chemical factory (manufacturer of Semtex, a plastic explosive), an oil refinery Paramo, a heavy machinery factory and an electronic equipment plant.

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Travel and Transportation

Pardubice is very accessible by almost all modes of transport. It is an important node on the European rail network. It lies only 104 km from Prague. It even has its own airport.

From Prague by train: approximately every hour a train leaves either the Main Station or Masarykovo Station in Prague and heads towards Pardubice. The journey lasts from one hour 10 minutes to 1 ½ hours depending on the type of train. Pardubice Main Station was the first station in the Czech Republic to provide full access to the disabled allowing them access to all parts of the station and on to trains.


  • Perštýn square
  • Jonas house
  • Pardubice Town Hall
  • Green Gate

Interesting places near to Pardubice

Interesting places

  • Confluence of two rivers (Labe and Chrudimka)

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